Atlantic Sun



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(1) "Without incident" - but reports the the U-607 sank the Atlantic Sun on convoy ON-165; presume author referring only to the fact that they were with ON 165 and, apparently, Atlantic Sun had disappeared. She had joined the convoy from Reykjavik but was not with the convoy when sunk. See (2) below.

(2) 02.01.1943 - 09.03.1943. Fourth Sailing - active patrol. U-607 left St. Nazaire under the command of Ernst Mengersen on 2nd Jan 1943 and returned nine and a half weeks later to St. Nazaire on 9th Mar 1943. Ernst Mengersen hit two ships on this patrol and both of them were in convoy: One was from convoy HX-223 and one was from convoy ON-165. On 26th Jan 1943 he damaged the Norwegian 8,259 ton Kollbjørg, from convoy HX-223. On 15th Feb 1943 he sank the American 11,355 ton Atlantic Sun, sailing with convoy ON-165.

However, another site,  states that the Atlantic Sun was NOT with ON 165 at the time. This would explain Hamilton's "without incident" comment as they would not have been aware of the loss of the tanker.



"The Tanker, MS ATLANTIC SUN, was torpedoed by the German submarine U-607 (Mengerson) about 1000 ship time on February 15, 1943 about 150 miles off Cape Race, Newfoundland while en route in Convoy ON-165 from Reykjavik, Iceland to New York in ballast. At the time of the attack, the tanker had lost the convoy and was sailing alone. Her complement was 47 Merchant Crew Members and 19 Naval Armed Guards. An ordinary seaman was the only survivor. He was taken prisoner aboard the sub."