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    Without The Merchant Navy, we would have definitely lost the war - Bill Andrews MN - The Royal Navy & The Merchant Navy were one brotherhood

June 2013. Fred Henley, father of a friend of mine, is invited to No 10 Downing Street to officially receive his Artic Star Medal from the Russian Ambassador, President Putin and David Cameron. Long overdue and congratulations

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Please Read this, on the town of Wartime Barry Crews of Ships sunk by U Boat

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Campaigners will try to persuade a key official that servicemen who braved treacherous conditions in the World War Two Arctic convoys deserve belated medals. Commander Eddie Grenfell, who represents the veterans, will meet with the secretary of the Honours and Decorations Committee, Gay Catto. This is only the second time the committee will have taken a direct representation from a veterans' group over a medal claim. Only the Suez veterans have been able to do this previously, and their campaign was successful. The group will argue that it was wrong to ignore the men who sailed through subzero conditions under constant attack to keep the Soviet Union fighting on the Eastern Front against Nazi Germany. This committee has the power to recommend to the Queen that a new medal is created. Commander Grenfell said: "This is a massive breakthrough. We will present a huge dossier proving that the HD committee can put right the injustice made in the 1940s of not awarding a medal to the men who sailed the convoys to Russia." In June, Commander Grenfell, 84, wrote to each of the 659 MPs asking them to back the demand for a specific campaign medal for those who served on the Arctic convoys. The Arctic Medal Campaign organisation has been fighting the campaign for seven years. The convoys carried essential military supplies to the Russian army between 1941 and 1945. During those four years they steamed through treacherous icy seas and deadly enemy action to deliver four million tons of war equipment, including tanks and planes, to the Russian front line. Now scroll down.

It is my firm belief that that flag of the Merchant Navy flies alongside those of the Forces when we remember their sacrifices for our freedom. Let us make it so, thousands of civilian sailors died horrible deaths to ensure our parents and grandparents had something to eat and the fighters and bombers had fuel to fly.

The Registry of Shipping & Seamen distribute medals issued to Merchant Seamen (not commemorative medals).
To claim medals you need proof of the individuals service record, plus details of the
"Ships Movements Cards"from the Public Records Office in files BT389
to claim for individual Campaign Stars. If you or a relative have never been issued with the entitlement owed,
they will be issued free of charge to the individual entitled or the direct next of kin once proof is verified. If you wish to replace lost or stolen medals they will be replaced if you can prove these facts.
Registry of Shipping & Seamen, Anchor Court, Ocean Way, Cardiff, CF24 5JW  Merchant Seamen qualified for eight medals during W.W. II, these included the 1939-45 War Medal, 1939-45 Star, and six campaign star medals. See also link below.*/
(This site has vanished off the net, but archives can be found here) - American Losses