Items of interest that do not actually fit into my other three categories.

German Surrender Document. From World War 2 detailing just how and where the German Forces were to lay down arms and how U boats were to report to certain ports with exact routes marked out.
Enigma. The German Code Machine. This page was written long before another of Hollywood's fictitious epics about how they helped the poor British by capturing a code machine for them (U571).  This is the real account about how a determined cold wet sailor refused to let go of a bag dumped in the sea by captured sailors to find it contained the key to winning the war. Bletchley Park became a highly secret centre for code breaking and it is here that the world's first computer was invented. (Not by IBM!!). Now 2 pages
German Code Machine Lorenz.
Newspaper Cuttings from World War 2. Funny, serious, authentic! Thanks to I have some excellent new material.

Personal Stories of WW2. From the eye witnesses themselves. Exclusive to this site. If you have a true WW2 experience to tell, please contact me. Too many true life tales have vanished for ever due to people not talking - or listening. Were you a mariner in the Battle of the Atlantic? Did you serve on with Captain Walker? Did you see the Bismarck go down? Do you hold rare images of WW2? Preserve history NOW! Give me a call.