World War 2 Newspaper Cuttings

Updated: 06 October 2014

Daily Mirror Sept 39  Daily Mirror Sept 1940  Daily Mirror June 1944  Daily Mirror May 1945
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From Daily Sketch 4th September 1939

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Small block (right) refers to General Patton's "Army" in Kent. Significant in that the Germans still believed that the main thrust was coming via the Pas de Calais and that General Pattons' "rubber" inflatable army in Kent was real!!


Saturday June 10 1944 - Daily Mail

The Tug That Went to War

Monday 12 June 1944 - Daily Mail


Observer June 12th 1944

 Daily Sketch September 4th 1939
Daily Mirror 28th May 1941 reports on the sinking of the Bismarck. At that time, and for many years later, everyone believed that the Dorsetshire sent her to the bottom of the Atlantic.


The reference to the 500 plane raid was German planes attacking the Royal Navy in Crete

Daily Sketch 3 June 1940

Daily Mirror May 28th 1941 about some new "drug"

Wednesday 2nd May 1945 (Reprint)


Wednesday 2nd May 1945 Daily Mail

Tuesday Dec 31st 1940 Daily Mail

Germans accept British misleading info!

Dec 31st 1940 Daily Mail

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Daily Mirror June 18th 1940

The Scotstoun, formerly The Caledonia

She did not sink the attacking uboat, the U25, as reported on the left.

The u boat, U25, was lost around 1 August 1940 in the North Sea north of Terchelling in position 54.14N, 05.07E to British mines, probably in the mine barrage Field No 7. 49 dead (all hands lost).

Life Magazine Advert for 'good leaded petrol' -Sept 18th 1939,  below is how the same
magazine saw our use of air raid shelters!!!