World War Two - The Air War

Air Stats - some facts and figures about WW2 in the air
ATA The Ladies of WW2 - Ferry pilots
Battle of Britain. A unique look at the Battle of Britain through the eyes of the Air Ministry booklet from 1941.
B17- Ye Old Pub. The remarkable story of a flight over enemy territory and a helpful Luftwaffe pilot. And the B-17 that lost its nose.
Dornier 17. The VERY last one. RAF Restoration Appeal & Updates. Supported By Sir Richard Branson.
Ray Holmes - Story of the ramming of a Dornier bomber over London by a Wallasey (Wirral) Spitfire pilot
JU86P - German High Altitude recce/bomber
JU88. How a Czech Hurricane pilot, having just lifted off, shot down a German JU88 over the River Mersey.
Lancaster. The most famous of WW2 bombers, the RAF's Avro Lancaster - the "dam buster" itself.
Lancaster JB 280 with links to Vintage Wings of Canada
Liberator. Crash over the Wirral. Inexplicably blew up whilst flying over the northern end of the Wirral.
Lysander. Peter Arkell flew his Lysander into enemy occupied Europe on highly dangerous secret missions.
Midway - From a Jap pilots point of view
Mosquito. The famous De Havilland Mosquito of World War 2. With original images of the raid on Amiens Prison in 1944.
Polish RAF 303 Sqn. Extraordinary men with an extraordinary talent for shooting down German aircraft! And how Churchill betrayed them to Stalin
Achtung Spitfire! The history and development of this, the most famous of all WW2 Fighters.  How it grew from a unassuming and unimpressive "Shrew" into the master of the air in the skies over England and beyond. May 2018 - Now three pages
P47 Thunderbolt. The story of the fate of a P47 Thunderbolt in WW2 over the Wirral.  The remains of which now reside in the museum at Fort Perch, New Brighton, Wallasey, Merseyside, UK, not far from where it was found in Moreton, Wirral, where I grew up.
Sikorsky Helicopter Rescue in WW2
Stuka. Recollections of a Stuka pilot
Jap Zero Shot Down - with a pistol!!
Various US Aircraft of WW2

On 15 May 1941, Gloster's Chief Test Pilot, Flight Lieutenant Gerry Sayer flew the Meteor aircraft under jet power for the first time from RAF Cranwell, near Sleaford in Lincolnshire,
in a flight lasting 17 minutes. In this first series of test flights, a maximum true speed of 350 m.p.h. was attained, in level flight at 25,000 ft. and 17,000 r.p.m. turbine revolutions.
The first jet flight was the He178 in August 1939

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